Lorraine Santoli

Lorraine Santoli, former Director of Corporate Synergy for The Walt Disney Company has established herself as an innovative communicator, creative thinker, writer, and idea specialist.

Santoli was based in Los Angeles for twenty-two years during her tenure with the Disney organization where she served as a TV and motion picture Publicist, Manager of Publicity at Disneyland, and in her last decade with the company, Director of Corporate Synergy for the entire Walt Disney Company. In that leadership role she developed an inter-company communications network that led the synergy charge and fostered internal cross-promotions for over 50 diverse Disney businesses – from film and television to home video, consumer products, sports, theatrical productions and theme parks, among others.

Following her career at Disney, Santoli moved into the position of Executive Director of The Annette Funicello Research Fund for Neurological Diseases for several years before relocating from LA to New York, her hometown. At that time she established Santoli Communications as a marketing and PR consultancy where she focuses on a variety of marketing, PR, and writing projects for companies large and small. Her writing expertise is vast having penned bios, press releases, feature articles, fact sheets, synopses, white papers, as well as being the author of four published books, her most recent book being “Inside the Disney Marketing Machine,” available on Amazon at http://bit.ly/disneymktg. Santoli also writes a blog on synergy that can be viewed at www.thesynergyexpert.com.

Recently she added a new entrepreneurial venture to her roster with the launch of Fingerprintz Pocket Profiles, writing and producing all-inclusive company overviews in a “little book” format. Details at www.fingerprintzpocketprofiles.com

Santoli also serves as a SCORE mentor and is active in the Yorktown NY Chamber of Commerce.